Redes Internacionais

Coordinated by: Anne Simon (CNRS, CRAL CNRS/EHESS – France)
CEHUM researchers involved: Cristina Álvares, Ana Lúcia, Isabel Cristina Mateus, Sérgio Sousa
Consortium EMLex - European Master in Lexicography
Funding: Erasmus (2013-2016) & Erasmus Mundus (2016)
Since: March 2012
CEHUM researchers involved: Álvaro Iriarte, Idalete Dias
COST Action IS1305: European Network of eLexicography (ENeL)- RETRO-DIGITIZED DICTIONARIES
Since: 2014
Cooperating CEHUM researcher: Álvaro Iriarte
Culturizing Sustainable Cities: catalyzing translocal learning and advancement of emerging artistic/cultural environmental approaches
Coordinated by Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
Since: 2014
Cooperating CEHUM researcher: Francesca Rayner
Heritage Language Consortium
Coordinated by Lancaster University
Since: December 2017
Cooperating CEHUM researcher: Cristina Flores
ICSP-CS International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Societies
Director: Bernard McGuirk (Univ. Nottingham). Coordinated by: Rui Miranda (Univ. Nottingham)
Since: 2014
Cooperating CEHUM researchers: Ana Gabriela Macedo, Orlando Grossegesse
Intercontinental Cross-Currents: Women’s (Net-)Works across Europe and the Americas
Coordinated by Martin-Luther Universität, Halle-Wittenberg
Since: 2015
Cooperating CEHUM researchers: Joanne Paisana e Paula Guimarães
IntlUNI: Challenges of the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space in the International University
Erasmus Academic Network (Lifelong Learning Programme)
Reference: 526646LLP120121DKERASMUSENW
Oct.2012 - Sept. 2015
Cooperating CEHUM researchers: Joaquin Sabarís Nunez; Joanne Paisana
Mediterranean Imaginaries. Literatures, Arts and Cultures
Coodinated by University of Malta
Funding: Erasmus+
Since: March 2013
Cooperating CEHUM researcher: Ana Gabriela Macedo
MEMITA – Memoria, identità e integrazione: per un’individuazione di modelli di analisi della comunicazione mediatica
Coordinated by: l’Università degli Studi di Palermo
Since: 2015
Cooperating CEHUM researchers: Maria Aldina Marques; Sérgio Sousa