(De)Othering website launch

The site deothering.ces.uc.ptis one of the outputs of the research project “(De)Othering: Desconstructing risk and otherness: hegemonic scripts and counter narratives on migrants/refugees and “Internal others” in the Portuguese and European mediascapes” (2018-2021).

The project’s focus – an analysis of Portugal in the light of other European cases affected by migrant/refugee flows (Italy and Germany) and by terrorist threats (United Kingdom and France) – aims to explore the construction of transnational narratives of risk pervading Europe regardless of the ‘differential’ exposure to them.

(De)Othering is coordinated by Gaia Giuliani and Sílvia Roque and hosted by Centre for Social Studies. It is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

Available in Portuguese and in English, it is a tool to keep up with the project’s progress and bring together researchers, activists and artists interested in these topics.

We invite you to access deothering.ces.uc.pt and welcome suggestions and comments.

No border greetings,

(De)Othering team

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