Performing Refugees Experience in Europe

Panel organized in collaboration with NIEP (Research Nucleus in Performance Studies)

Artistic practice in general and theatre practice in particular has been one of the tools used by artists/social workers to address refugee issues in Europe.  Theatre has been used on the following capacities:

1) Expose the narrative of refugees’ stories to the community.

2) Empower refugees through using theatre practice to negotiate their identities.

3) Equip refugees with skills that will help them to be active members in their host communities.

4) Introduce refugees to theatre and arts therapies to address the well-being of refugees.

The focus of this panel is on a combination of performance-ethnography research methodology and multiple theoretical lenses to contribute in analysing and reflecting on the role that can be played by arts in general and theatre arts in particular to create a dialogue and a public discussion around issues related to refugees, and their connections with their host communities.

Francesca Rayner (Coord. GIArtes); Marie-Manuelle Silva (EHum2M); Fadi Skeiker (Philadelphia Art University; external collaborator EHum2M / NIEP)