Education for Human Rights

This panel aims at promoting the discussion on the contribution of Human Rights Education (HRE) to understand the educational challenges and possibilities that current (and not so recent) migration phenomena pose to modern societies. It invites proposals for the discussion of issues, concepts, programs, courses, and experiences that foster a dialogue between HRE and Arts Education in a broad sense, one that includes Language Arts and all forms of aesthetic human expression. The paper presentations and workshops address conceptual/ theoretical issues, but also educational practices and experiences. They include a variety of multi and inter-cultural, and culturally-sensitive languages; musical, pictoric, cinematic, theatrical, and other forms of human expression.

Maria Alfredo Moreira; Maria José Casa-Nova (Nucleus of Education for Human Rights / Núcleo de Educação para os Direitos Humanos, NEDH – UMinho) & Erika Sólyom (sociologist)