EHum2M – Humanistic Studies on Migrations & Marginalization

General Description

The role played by cultures, languages, and literatures in the (re)working of refugee-, migrant- and outcast-experience is the main research focus of this group. Special attention is devoted to translation, transmediation and hybridization seen as essential processes in the construction of an inclusive and open society of creative diversity against a conservative backdrop. This means questioning the logic of ‘centre versus margins’ and ‘us versus them’, which embodies various forms of ethnocentric prejudice and socio-cultural discrimination, and transcending the traditional democratic credo of respect for human rights, minorities, and difference. A holistic humanistic multi-area approach of research in the intersection of languages, cultures and literatures is conceived as providing useful insight into strategies of individual survival, mechanisms and factors of (immaterial) quality of living, and the development of a society where hybrid (multilingual; inter-artistic; etc.) forms of creativity assume an essential cohesive function as interethnic community expression and representation.

EHum2M – more information about this research team of the Centre for Humanistic Studies (CEHUM) at University of Minho, Braga – Portugal