Grupo de Teoria Política / Political Theory Group


The Political Theory Group of the University of Minho was founded in 2008 bringing together faculty members, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students working in the areas of Ethics and Political Philosophy under a common framework within the Centre for Humanistic Studies, a research unit in that same university. The group currently integrates fourteen permanent members of the Centre for Humanistic Studies, seven of which have PhD degrees, and nine associate members who work in close collaboration with the group, be it in research projects, or as participants in events and publications.

The Group organizes two international events every year: the “Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy” (in May) and the “Summer School in Political Theory” (in July). Besides these two, the group also promotes several other more specialized events. In the academic year 2011-2012 the following stand out: an international congress on “Distributive Justice in Health” (October 2011); the second edition of an international congress on “Democracy, the Media and the Public Sphere” (October 2011) and an international colloquium on “Left and Right: The Great Dichotomy Revisited” (March 2012).

The group further holds monthly meetings, on two consecutive days, to discuss relevant books on ethics and political philosophy, ongoing research by its members, and papers presented by invited speakers. These are closed meetings, though a small portion of the sessions are open to guests.

Permanent Researchers:
Alexandra Lafaia Abranches, Ana Rita Ferreira, Giuseppe Ballacci, João Cardoso Rosas, Maria João Cabrita, Marta Nunes Costa, Patricia Fernandes, Pedro Martins, Roberto Merrill

Associate Researchers:
Axel Gosseries, Cátia Faria, Daniel Weinstock, David Álvarez, Iñigo González Ricoy, Mathias Thaler, Mihaela Mihai, Paulo Barcelos