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Abstract submission

Each participant may submit up to two abstracts, which must not exceed 300 words nor five keywords, in one of the working languages of the conference (Portuguese or Galician, Spanish, French, Italian and English). It is recommended that you follow APA guidelines, structuring the text as follows: identification of the topic, objective, methodology (sample, instrument and procedure), results and conclusion. In the abstract all sections should be presented in a concise manner, especially the Results section. If your study does not have an empirical basis, the abstract should have the structure of a theoretical study: identifying the theoretical approach or model and linking current and past results.

Submission guidelines

Submission of abstracts is made exclusively through the Easychair platform. If you do not have an account, you must create it following the instructions available on the platform's website.

Until September 17, 2019 participants will be notified of the decision regarding acceptance of their abstract and whether it was accepted for the intended type of presentation or whether any changes have been suggested.

Article submission

The studies presented in each of the four tracks could be submitted for further publication in special issues of the following scientific journals:

The presentation of a study in techLING does not mean that the article will be accepted by the journal, since each of these publications has independent review processes.