Short Course WOMANART

This short course is a part of the dissemination activities organized by the project WOMANART (PTDC/ART – OUT/28051/2017). Throughout the four sessions, we intend to explore the way artists and critics elaborate on or interpret collective models that, in turn, are still present in current social and cultural debates. In the Portuguese context, the memory of the dictatorship cannot be separated from the decolonization process, given that it is widely exposed when looked at from the African point of view. Nowadays, the analysis of the collective memory around this political period, that was ‘textualized’ in different narratives, is a powerful tool to think through  current challenges when facing issues such as globalization, migrations, minority communities, cultural identity, collective memory and eurocentrism. This course asks participants to think about a set of artworks and texts so as to produce their own critical intervention around the proposed themes.