Seminar cycle

The ongoing seminar cycle organised by the WomanArt project was designed as a means to convene experts working on the themes and topics covered by the project, in order to enlarge, update and appraise the results of the research developed by the team.  The seminar cycle also promotes awareness of the project both at the international level and among the national community working on related subjects.  So far, we have carried through 21 seminars with experts from several universities in Portugal, Brazil, USA and the United Kingdom. Outside the academia, we have also engaged in our debate a set of art curators, writers and artists, always focusing on women’s legacy as thinkers and producers of art works. The main subjects addressed in our seminar cycle have explored the overlapping of private and historical memory in documentaries, literature (poetry, prose and drama) and photography, looking back at the problematic legacy of the Portuguese and Brazilian dictatorships of the 20th century. The debate has equally considered the colonial dimension of the former. Several of the invited speakers also chose to highlight the history of women’s movements during these oppressive periods, or, alternatively, they have mapped women’s unequal access to means and opportunities under these regimes.             All the seminars in which we have secured the speakers’ consent  are available online, at the project’s site.